Cheap PCO Medical

Cheap PCO Medical

Getting your PCO Licence can prove to be expensive, so it’s always good to find ways to save money while you’re applying for your minicab licence. Minicab Medical can offer cheap PCO medicals, which can prove cost effective compared to your own GP.

As well as saving money it’s no good delaying your PCO application due to long appointment waiting times at GP surgeries across London, at Minicab Medical we can fast track your application by providing extra service on top of a cheap minicab medical, we offer you a guaranteed pass topographical skills test and certificate along with helping you fill in your PCO application form and online CRB.

We can make sure there are no errors in your minicab licence application form and get your licence to you quickly so you may start working and earning back all the time and money invested.

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Do you have a copy of your Medical Summary from your GP?

You will need a copy of your Medical Summary from your GP to use our services. This can be obtained for free from the reception at your GP surgery, if you want to request it in writing then click here to download a letter template

Do all 4 for just £160

  • PCO Medical
  • Topographical Skills Test
  • PCO Application
  • CRB Submission
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