About Minicab Medical
PCO Medicals provides a simple and fast booking service for medicals which are mandatory to apply to become a PCO driver.

TfL needs to be satisfied that all licensed London Taxi and Private Hire drivers are medically fit. In assessing an individual’s medical fitness, TfL applies the standards required for a DVLA Group 2 licence.

The Medical Declaration form (TPH/204) should be taken to a registered medical practitioner who has access to your full medical history, typically your GP, for completion. If it is not completed by someone who has access to your full medical history, this could lead to delays in processing your application.

This medical report cannot be issued free of charge as part of the National Health Service. You must pay the medical practitioner’s fee, unless other arrangements have been made. TfL accepts no liability to pay it.

If you possess a valid DVLA Group 2 licence or are actively studying the Knowledge (and under 45 years of age), or already licensed by TfL as a MHC (‘taxi’) driver, you do not need to submit a completed Medical Declaration as you are deemed ‘exempt’.

Some professions require an in-depth medical to be undertaken (e.g. pilot’s licence). Medical advice has been sought and confirmation received that the standard of medical fitness required by the Civil Aviation Authority meets the requirements of the TPH and as such TfL has agreed to grant the exemption. To retain the exemption the applicant in question will have to continue to produce a valid, current pilot’s licence issued by the Joint Aviation Authorities whenever TfL requests a further medical.

Should an applicant suggest that a particular licence they hold is at least equivalent to TfL’s medical requirements of licensing they should be referred to TPH’s medical adviser for advice.

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